Hi, my name is Sandy.  I live in Southern Maryland, USA with my husband, teenaged daughter and her miniature dachshund, Piper.  I’ve actually been designing digital scrapbooking products for several years.  I dabble in design  Almost 8 years ago I was playing in PSE and created a little bear.  Named for my daughter’s adorable freckles, Freckle Bear soon became the centerpiece of most of my creations.  I had a blog for a short time called Freckles Scraps where I offered freebies and tried to find my place in the digiworld.  In 2009, my sweet brother bought the domain for me.  Not wanting to forget where it all started, I chose to keep Freckle Bear as part of my brand.  Thus, Freckle Bear Creations was born.  My little bear has certainly evolved through the years!  Although I’ve been designing for a long time, I’m still learning.  Freckle Bear and his friends are an undeniable part of my journey to this point.  I strive to create one of a kind designs that will bring a little splash of happy to your projects.  I love all things CUTE and I will continue to design (unapologetically) . . .