how to install fonts

You can find hundreds of free fonts online.  If you are planning to create a digital scrapbooking layout, you are going to need fonts!  This mini tutorial will take you through a few simple steps to install your new fonts.

step 1:  find and download your new font

Once you have located the font of your choice, download it.  After it has been downloaded, find the folder where you saved it to and open that folder.

step 2: unzip your font file

Most font files that you download will be in a .zip format.  Multiple files can be stored in a zipped file resulting in a smaller file that downloads faster.  If you do no know how to unzip a file yet, please see our Unzipping Files mini tutorial.  A lot of font downloads include both a text file that includes the font’s terms of use and a font file.  The font file might be labelled .ttf or .otf, indicating whether the font is open type or true type.  The terms of use file is generally a text file.  You’ll want to be sure to read the text file so you’ll know the ways that the font designer allows their work to be used.

Ok, now unzip your new font file.

step 3:  installing your new font

Now that your new font file is unzipped, locate the font that you want to install and double-click it.  This will open a preview window that looks like this. . .











At the top of the font preview, you will see two buttons.  One says Print and the other says Install.  Click the Install button.  Now your new font is installed and ready to be used in your favorite program!